10 Tips To Elevate Your Style

  1. Use tops that consist of silk or satin materials to give the look a bit more elegance, shine and structure.
  2. Use Form fitted dresses instead of bandage dresses, these give the silhouette a more stylized look.
  3. Wear socks with loafers, sneakers and ankle boots instead of socks with sandals.
  4. Use stilettos and pointy heels instead of bulky and chunky platforms, these will elongate your legs.  
  5. If you have a basic outfit accessorize and bring attention to key pieces that can steal the show and elevate the look.
  6. Look after your clothes, be on the look for fabric snags, discolorations, hang and store properly your more delicate items like silk tops, wool sweaters and leather goods. 
  7. Dress for your size. 
  8. Less is more. Sometimes having a basic look is better than a busy attire. Mix and match with simplicity.
  9. Invest in quality items like luxury pieces that will hold its value and wil be forever in style.
  10. Be confident and be you!